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Perform For Success Podcast | High Performance | Business | Wellness

Aug 10, 2017

While we often talk about how to channel failure into learning opportunities, it's also important to acknowledge what went wrong. Learning how to do that without blowing up the ego (the good AND the bad) doesn't have to be as difficult as we often make it. This podcast discusses tips and strategies for success, both in...

Jul 27, 2017

Performance to most businesses revolves around numbers - revenues, sales, billable hours, etc. These data points are achieved by people, typically, and many business professionals believe performance is mostly a cognitive skill. While this is vital, wellness plays the ultimate role in performance. If an employee doesn't...

Jun 29, 2017

All of us are measured by the results we bring, whether that is in our career, at home, or on the golf course. The old results equation of behavior equals results is outdated. It is time to take control of your Performance State and how you show up before an event occurs.

Jun 15, 2017

I love magic and yet when it comes down to it, magic is an illusion. However, success in our own life can be achieved like a magician. I talk about how to use your own "magic" to create success. Magic is just a set of precise steps that lead to an end goal.